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My Eucharist Experience

From the time I got converted in 1997, after listening to some teachings and reading books about the Eucharist, I had never been in doubt about Jesus’ presence in the Blessed Sacrament and about the power of the Eucharist. My personal experience with the Eucharist provides a strong backbone that solidifies my belief in the Eucharist.

At certain stage, I began to experience a strong love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. I was attracted to the Eucharistic presence by a force so magnetic and compelling that, whenever I visit a town or places outside of my region, I had to walk some distance in search of a Catholic Church with the tabernacle. Sometimes, the search stretches so far and takes so long that I had to engage on a long trek or find a public transport to get to the destination. I had never failed to enjoy the effort I made or sufferings I encounter trying to locate a church. Once I find a church and step into it; I experience fullness of inexplicable joy and strong feeling of consolation that I can only describe as ecstatic. 

The indescribable heavenly presence consumes me totally, leaving me giggling and chuckling uncontrollably. Whenever I find myself in that state, I feel like I’m surrounded by a high wall of happiness that separates me from everything but the invisible powerful presence that oozes out from the tabernacle. Vocal prayers become distracting and unnecessary as they interrupt the joyful feeling I experience. My face lightens up with smiles. Sometimes, suffocating with joy, I could only manage to whisper out in a very low trembling and over exited tone, 'thank you Jesus'.

On an occasion, I was travelling in a public transport from Onitsha city to Lagos, a seven hour journey. It was an afternoon bus that was supposed to get to the destination at nine p.m. Two and a half hours into the journey, as we got to Benin City, there was a heavy downpour that resulted to the road being flooded and traffic was brought to a halt. We were stuck in the traffic jam for over three hours before the bus conductor announced to the passengers that the bus had broken down. The journey wasn’t going to continue until the management sends the mechanics or another bus for replacement. Whichever way it goes, the mechanics or the replacement, continuation of the journey couldn’t be possible before midnight. 

As the other fifty one passengers in the bus were thinking of what to do and where to go, I was thinking of what direction to go in search of a Blessed Sacrament. After wallowing in the highly flooded street with my trousers rolled up, finding my way to a dry ground, I began a long walk in search of a Catholic Church asking directions from people I met on the way. After walking for what could be an hour or more, I finally found myself face-to-face with the Blessed Sacrament. I spent hours enjoying blissful moment alone in the beautiful quiet church in the presence of Jesus in the tabernacle. It was a great consolation. I have had other beautiful experiences visiting Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. 

                                                                                                         By Kingsley Ifeanyi Eze

"It would be easier for the world to exist without the sun than without the Holy Mass."

- Padre Pio