Rosary Heroes

We Can Restore the Dignity of Man
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Our Mission


The principle mission of the Rosary Heroes is to engage in intensive dissemination of the Catholic literature.

Evidently, the Catholic Church has a great treasure in books written by illustrious sons and daughters of the Church, including the Saints. These books, as useful and inspirational as they are, are seldom brought to the knowledge of millions of Catholic faithful in various parts of the world. As a result of this laxity, many followers of the Catholic faith are ignorant of the Catholic doctrines and indeed are deprived of great spiritual benefits that could be derived from enormous historical facts of the Church, from volumes of accounts of supernatural phenomena that have occurred in the Church over the years and the wonderful events that substantiate the acclaimed greatness of this great Church.

Since these important treasures of the Church are like the light that guides the steps of the faithful to life of sanctity; the reason for which God has inspired our Fathers of faith to write them, we would use all means available to us to disseminate the Catholic books and audio visual materials, especially the lives of the Saints, to homes and places where people could have access to them. It would surely amount to a serious omission if these important books and spiritual materials are not brought to the knowledge of the faithful.


The other mission of the Rosary Heroes is to help in the spiritual and moral formation of the youth. We are embarking on an intensive work of intervention and formation that would transform the social, economic and spiritual lives of the youths.

The young people need constant guidance and assistance that would help them to grow into God fearing and responsible adults. There are so many challenges facing young people today. The threat has increased remarkably in this modern age when the internet brings us and our little ones to a close proximity to the good, the bad and the ugly the planet earth can offer. With access to the internet, we are a click away from billions of materials that loom in the cyber space. The young people would do better with the guidance of active resourceful adult Christians.

As economic hardship heightens in many countries, all hands go on deck as families struggle to survive. The adults are caught up in a struggle that leaves them with little or no time to focus on core formations of the young people. Most parents leave home in the early hours and return at night. Young people are left to grow up without adequate guidance and supervisions. As a result, many of them are deprived of the necessary formations on Christian and moral values.

On daily basis, quite a number of young people get into different kinds of troubles. Some have lost their lives and some end up in prisons. Many are languishing in drugs and alcohol addictions. Some have taken to various kinds of anti-social behaviors, dangerous lifestyles and clandestine activities. Violent crimes among young people are on the increase. Some of these violent acts have resulted in bodily injuries and death of some innocent people. Many families have fallen victims either by losing their loved ones to the violent attacks perpetrated by youngsters or by losing their young ones who gets involved in one criminal activity or another.

We would quickly blame unemployment as the root cause of crime and other evils deeds among youths. Surely, unemployment plays a role but lack of strong formation on Christian and moral values plays a greater role. An unemployed young person that fears God and loves his fellow man would not in any circumstances resort to crime and violence as a way of life.

We adults cannot shove all the blames off our shoulders. We have failed to provide the young people with adequate formations on Christian and moral values. We have neglected our Christian duties towards the young people. This negligence has resulted in the high level of moral decadence in our society today. The present situation calls for urgent re-introduction of strong formation of youths on Christian and moral values in our homes, in schools and in our churches. This is the only way we can salvage our youths and our society from the troubles that have befallen us. 

If we continue to neglect our duties and responsibilities towards the youths because we don’t want inconveniences, we would definitely be caught up in the consequences resulting from such negligence. The indisputable fact is that when the young people are denied the formations that would prepare them to meet the challenges of life, they would definitely return to us in form of beasts and monsters, not asking for education or formations, but to violently snatch away things that belong to us, including lives and things that go with it.

If one out of every ten adult Christians would get seriously involved in the formation of the young people, we would create a peaceful and prosperous society where love and kindness will abound. We would save a lot of youths from troubles and families from grief. This is why we must embark on an intensive youth formation.

The youths of today are the leaders of tomorrow. They can transform the society if they are given solid Christian formation and quality leadership training. No country can be successful with a bunch of dishonest and selfish inefficient leaders. This is why we want to invest our time, talents and treasure to provide quality leadership trainings to the youths.


The third mission of the Rosary Heroes is to engage in job creation to help alleviate the sufferings of youths that are unemployed.

Based on the philosophy that if you give a man a fish you feed him for the day but if you teach him to fish you feed him for the rest of his life, we intend to address the material needs and economic situations of the less privileged youths. We will offer some vocational training and entrepreneurship programs that would help the beneficiary to be economically strong to provide for his needs and that of his/her dependents.

We will establish a self-employment start up support scheme where the youths that graduate from the vocational and entrepreneurship programs would be given some financial assistance to enable them start up a business or a trade as soon as he/she completes the course.

A program like this, if effectively carried out, would get lots of youths engaged and reduce unemployment in our communities to a remarkable degree.

Give a man a fish you feed him for the day. Teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.